The Worst Game Of Thrones Fan Theory According To Kit Harrington

Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow on HBO’s Game of Thrones, visited with Rich Eisen a few days back. Now Rich is mainly known for covering the NFL, but his talk show has been branching out into all sports and entertainment. Eisen originally asked Harrington for what was his favorite fan theory for what’s going to happen in the show, and it turned into him talking about the one he disliked the most.

According to Harrington, someone came up to him and said he thought that the whole series would end as we discover that everything was a dream… and whose dream? Ghost’s dream. Yes, the fan thought the show would end on a reveal that it was the dream of Snow’s dire wolf. Harrington said he told the man he hopes he never becomes a screenwriter… but Eisen runs with it and decides it has potential… what if it’s not a dire wolf, but Ghost wakes up revealing he’s just a normal dog, in a normal house and Jon Snow is just a normal guy… who knows nothing. I kind of like that.

The full interview goes for about twenty minutes and includes Harrington talking about his reaction to initially seeing that he “died” and explaining why he can only watch the episodes alone.

Here is the full interview:

The Worst Game Of Thrones Fan Theory According To Kit Harrington

Source: Bleedingcool