Io Interactive Announces Hitman’s Final Elusive Target Today


Developer Io Interactive announced the final elusive target for their episodic Season One of Hitman which will go live on Friday. Io made the announcement on Twitter, which is usually where they post their Elusive Target announcements, but this one is definitely more bittersweet than usual.

The elusive targets were one of the ways that Io sought to make their new Hitman a game players would return to, but thanks to the small number of sales, Square Enix canned both Io and the episodic Hitman although the current state of the IP rights are a bit hazy, it seems Io will have custody going forward.

Still, this is just a reminder of the developer’s drop from SE. Current rumors indicate that we could be seeing Season Two of Hitman in 2018, but those have yet to be substantiated. Whether or not we’ll be getting more Hitman any time soon, you will definitely not want to miss this elusive target. The entertainer targets are always some of the more interesting ones, and with a name like “Mr. Giggles” you just know this is going to be a fun one.

And it’d be best to bid Agent 47 a fond farewell just in case it is a few years before we see his shining bald head again.

Io Interactive Announces Hitman’s Final Elusive Target Today

Source: Bleedingcool