The Next ‘Arms’ Update Will Make Hedlok A Playable Character

It was bound to happen after it was announced that Nintendo’s next update to Arms would unlock Max Brass as a playable character and make everyone want to try out the champ. Now the word is out that the same update will unlock someone even better than him and probably twice as strong in Hedlok.

Serving as the game’s biggest challenge, Hedlok is essentially a floating skull with four arms. Like a robotic D&D monster come to life who’s soul purpose in life is to box you to death. But it’s not as simple as selecting him as a character, according to Arms producer Kosuke Yabuki, who chatted with Eurogamer, about the boss.

“I can talk about it a little bit now – Max Brass is the main part of tomorrow’s update, but there is a new versus mode where in a fight between two or three players there’s a Hedlok mask players battle over, and when you get the mask your own character can turn into Hedlok,” Yabuki explained. “If one player turns into Hedlok it’ll be up to the other players to take him down. The Hedlok mode won’t just be available in one v one versus modes – it’ll be available online and in every multiplayer mode.”

The update for Arms will also include several tweaks and balancing issues, all of which he didn’t discuss but mentioned a full list would be published when the update hits the U.K. tomorrow. We patiently await that fury to come.

The Next ‘Arms’ Update Will Make Hedlok A Playable Character

Source: Bleedingcool