Spider-Man: Homecoming Director John Watts Talks The Church Of Cinema

John Watts, director of the upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming, was at a panel this morning at the CineEurope conference in Barcelona. The panel was titled: Innovation and the Big Screen Experience. Watts was addressing the concept of the church of cinema and the challenges facing exhibitors as TV continues to permeate. Big data and innovation were constant themes and how there is a lot of data out there, but the key is finding ways to harness it. It was also noted that most of the companies with the data would be inclined not to share it.

Watts talked about the things he loved about making movies as opposed to television.

Everyone always says the same thing about the shared cultural experience, seeing things on the big screen, the church of the cinema… But on top of all that, as a filmmaker, I love having people be trapped in a movie theater, forcing them to watch what I made.

Film is a temporal medium as much as it is a visual medium, you’re playing with time and you don’t have that ability where someone can pause at home. That’s such a fundamental part of what makes filmmaking exciting to me. I don’t really have as much interest in any other medium. I just like the control,

It’s all about making an experience, you go to the movies to see something you’ve never seen before. You want to get different people out there with different voices. So you see awesome huge spectacle or just a small unbelievable story you’ve never seen before. You go to the movies to be transported. That’s the responsibility of filmmakers and the people that hire the filmmakers — to try and find new dreams we can all share together.

The panel was focused on how to keep people going to the cinema when TV is pulling away more and more of the audience. The panel also had Vue Interenational founder and CEO Tim Richards, Mikael Lovgren, Chairman of Sweden’s SF Studios and Jean Mizrahi, founder and CEO of Images Group/Cinemanext.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is in theaters July 7th.

[Source: Deadline]

Spider-Man: Homecoming Director John Watts Talks The Church Of Cinema

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