Nintendo Switch Is Getting ‘2064: Read Only Memories’ In 2018

The Nintendo Switch is building up a much more impressive library than a lot of people may have thought, and they’re about to get a new cool addition to the lineup. The cyberpunk narrative-based adventure game 2064: Read Only Memories will be coming to the system sometimes in early 2018, and it will be coming with some bonus features as well.

Midboss revealed the news on Twitter that the game would be ported over in the first quarter of next year. This comes off the heels of having a major update to the game that included more storylines, more voicework, the “Read Only Memories Integral” addition and a slew of other minor features to enhance the game for the diehard fans. The game itself is impressive and deserves to be on the Nintendo Switch so fans can experience it on their system.

While the game wasn’t reviewed by many when it first came out back in January, those who have checked it out had almost entirely positive reviews for the game. The new features and additions have only helped make the previous incarnation feel much more like a lived-in game. It will be fun to see how Switch owners gravitate to it next year.

Nintendo Switch Is Getting ‘2064: Read Only Memories’ In 2018

Source: Bleedingcool