PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Will Have Playable Zombies

Because it’s just not enough to have your breakout game be featured prominently at E3, no, you’ve got to go big or go home. Therefore, it should be no surprise that Bluehole Studio, developer PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, announced a new game mode at the trade show. While it won’t be part of the standard Battle Royale play, Battlegrounds is getting a new game mode in the future that will have no guns, just player controlled zombies as weapons.

Bluehole made the announcement via Twitter, which included a brief section of clips that show what the game mode might look like in action.

There’s no news on when the new mode will arrive, and the developer has emphasized that the player-controlled zombies will be available in a separate mode and not added to the existing Battle Royale base mode. They also stressed that the primary focus of the team is still optimization of the game as it currently stands (which includes upcoming new moves like vaulting, climbing, and diving through windows).

There’s also no news on whether the player-controlled zombie mode will make it to Xbox One when the game launches for console in late 2017.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Will Have Playable Zombies

Source: Bleedingcool