See The New Trailer For ‘Detroit Become Human’

We seem to be witnessing a game evolving right before our eyes. We got a new trailer for Quantic Dreams new game Detroit Become Human and it looks very different from the one we got last year. This was the trailer we got last year.

And below is the one we got this year. These gameplay and story details hardly look like they are from the same universe let alone the same game. While the first trailer feels much more like Quantic’s other game Heavy Rain the new one feels much more like Watch_Dogs. Are there lots of different stories going on and we just haven’t seen them all yet? Have we just seen too little of the gameplay to make the call?

Detroit Become Human has a release date of 2017 but considering the difference between the two trailers there is a chance that this one will get delayed.

See The New Trailer For ‘Detroit Become Human’

Source: Bleedingcool