New Update Coming For ‘Star Citizen’ In June

The latest “Production Schedule Report” from Robert’s Space Industries came out last night and gave details into the latest 3.0 update coming for Star Citizen. The massively expansive space simulator from Cloud Imperium Games will be receiving a lot of cool stuff on June 29, including new places to go like the moon Celin, which you can see below.

credit//Cloud Imperium Games

There’s a lot to take in from that update, even glancing at the list of improvements coming gave us vertigo. If you love the game then there is a lot to mine from that info that should have you jumping for joy. For those of you who don’t like to read much, here’s a 20-minute video they put together talking about the game and improvements they’ve been striving to make in trying to create one of the most immersive space games possible.

New Update Coming For ‘Star Citizen’ In June

Source: Bleedingcool