Superwoman, Phil Jimenez And The Dangers Of Continuity

The rewriting of Superman and Lois Lane’s life in Superman Reborn, two versions merged together does raise some tantalising issues. If they were a married couple with a kid, what happened with Superman and Wonder Woman? Or Lois Lane and Jonathan Carroll?

And while this may be ignored (along with the possibility that Lois Lane murdered Carroll and hid his body under the patio, since we have seen hide nor hair of him) there’s more recent continuity that’s in issue.

Such as the new Superwoman, Lana Lang, who was given powers as a result of the most recent death of Superwoman, shared with Lois Lane – who also then died.

Except – if this Superman and Lois Lane never died in the Superman Reborn continuity… where did Superwoman get her powers from?

Writer of those first eight issues, Phil Jimenez doesn’t have any answers for you, answering the question saying,




Superwoman, Phil Jimenez And The Dangers Of Continuity

Source: Bleedingcool