African Instagram sensations setting social media ablaze

No doubt the social media has changed the way people used to interact and connect. With the arrival of Instagram on the social media platform, many personalities hitherto unknown have become stars overnight. In most cases, most of these personalities have no specialised skills to offer but just pictures people find interesting and they follow them for just that reason. Hate them or like them, they have many followers, who, some of them have turned into market of sorts and they use it to their advantage by promoting goods and services. Here are just a few of them in the African continent.

Bobrisky:  Nigerian cross-dresser Idris Okuneye known as Bobrisky was at one time one of the most  trending persons on Google. With the Instagram, he became celebrity from no where. They call him African male barbie because he has transformed all his masculine attributes to that of a female without going through any transgender process. He said what he does is selling bleaching cream but people have called him names, questioning his sexuality.

“People fail to understand that I am only using what I have to get what I need. I am only doing something to make myself different from many others who are into this same business of mine, just to get people’s attention. And thank God, now I have more customers than you can imagine. I am a millionaire. At least I have been counting millions, so, I can say I am a millionaire but I want to get to the trillion stage. One case of my cream is N100,000 and in a week I can  sell between 8 – 10 or more. Doesn’t that make me a millionaire,” he once told Potpourri in an interview. As at press time Bobrisky has over 155,000 followers on Instagram.

Uche Mba: Uche Mba is a Nigerian fitness model, nursing student, personal trainer and entrepreneur that lives in the United States. All she does is post pictures on Instagram, and hundreds of men on IG turn up to drool and gush . Whenever Uche pops, comments are definitely sure to run wild. Presently, more than 270,000 people are following her.

Uche mba

Roman Goddess: This is another Nigerian girl who came out of the thin air to become something of a sensation and a celebrity. Roman Goddess made the news when she sought out her mentor, Cossy Orjiakor, and their pictures went viral, with people falling over themselves, comparing whose mammary is more bountiful. Ever since she emerged, many pretenders have also cropped up. She has over 160,000 right now.

Roman Goddess

Duchess Ella: Little or nothing was known about Duchess Ella, an upcoming Ghanaian actress but she shot into the limelight with the arrival of the Instagram. At a point, she was considered the woman with the biggest shapely boobs in Africa. She has close to 70,000 followers as at press time.

Vickie Oma: This black beauty is a Ghanaian that is rocking the Instagram with her pair of mammary. Unlike Duchess Ella or Roman Goddess, Vickie is not super huge on the chest but she’s so sensual that her taut nipples cannot be ignored. Wild comments are always flying on her page, especially, with her twerking videos that display the majesty of her bosom.

Ifunanya Thompson: This is an Instagram sensation that is making guys go gaga. Without the Instagram Ifunanya probably wouldn’t have been known beyond the third street to her house but she has close to 40,000 followers on Instagram. She’s an Abia State girl studying  in Imo State.

Cee Cee Uchenna: Cee Cee Uchenna is an Igbo girl based in the United States. She’s a brand ambassador for Jadore locks hair.  Her Instagram pictures ooze of nothing but quantum of sex appeals. Not really one with big bum or boobs, Uchenna is a total package and her page is never without amorous comments. She has close to 20,000 followers presently.