Lil Kesh Reveals His Biggest Song, How He Met Olamide + The Crazie*st Experience He Had With A Fan

In recent interview, Olamide Baddo talks about so many things and part of which is, revealing his biggest hit song till date, how he met his boss, Olamide Baddo and the crazie*st experience he had with a fan.

Talking about how he met with Olamide, Lil Kesh said, he recorded a song ‘Lyrically’ in 2013 and Olamide heard it sometime in 2014 and apparently he loves it and wanted to meet him.

When we met, he already had a contract ready for me and that was how my career kickstarted.
Revealing his biggest song, the Skibo singer said, I think its Shoki, because the track became popular just few weeks after it was released.

Revealing his crazie*st experience with a fan, Lil Kesh said: “There was a time I was on Lagos Island, and some street boys stopped all the cars on the road, saying nobody should move until they had all taken pictures with me. It was crazy on that day as their action caused massive traffic build-up.”